About Coastal Bus Line

Our Vision

Delivering Excellence: Every child should arrive safely and on time to the threshold of opportunity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transport Lowcountry students safely and on time to school and school-related activities throughout South Carolina. We provide dependable service, credible drivers and safe vehicles that school officials, parents and caregivers can trust.

Our Team

At Coastal Bus Line LLC, we take the responsibility of caring for students very seriously. We have school-aged children ourselves and we know that entrusting others with your child is not always an easy decision. That’s why our goal is to provide safe, reliable, worry-free transportation.

As a partner in your student’s academic and athletic success, we are committed to providing you with a team of respectful and caring professionals. Key to that success is the relationship we maintain with our employees. We are a service provider, therefore everything we do hinges on the actions of our staff.

Every CBL employee – from the drivers and dispatchers to the office personnel – undergo thorough screenings and comprehensive background checks, receive regular drug and alcohol testing, and are required to participate in continuing education and training. They are dedicated employees who understand our vision, and want to make sure that every student’s school day begins and ends on a good note – every day.

Like anyone else, our team is motivated by how they’re treated. The combination of fair wage packages, policies and incentives, a respectful and clean work environment, and equal opportunities for growth all serve to produce a team of safe, courteous and motivated employees.

Our Buses

Being in the service business, we know how important first impressions are. That’s why our buses and vans will always look and perform at their best.

Every Coastal Bus Line vehicle is equipped with seat belts for your student’s safety, and is visually inspected by your driver and driver’s manager daily. In addition, all buses and vans must pass a state inspection and adhere to every standard and safety feature required by the Department of Transportation before hitting the road.

When it comes to our vehicles, we are especially proud of our award-winning fleet maintenance program. Every vehicle has been through our tailored maintenance and safety program, which has been nationally recognized by the publishers of School Bus Fleet Magazine, placing our program on their prestigious Top Ten Maintenance Program list.