Get Your School Onboard!


We’re glad that you decided to Get Your School Onboard with Coastal Bus Line LLC! We offer:

  • Round-trip transportation from just $7.50/day for Mt. Pleasant schools
  • No-hassle monthly payment plans with recurring billing
  • Sibling and one-way travel discounts
  • Thank you bonus for every annual enrollment

To ensure your success and ours, we have developed this Get Onboard portal page so you have easy access to a variety of marketing and communication materials. Please use these at your leisure to connect with school officials, PTA members, parents and others. And if you have any suggestions or want us to create a new marketing piece, just give us a call at 843-928-3028.

Thank you again for considering Coastal Bus Line LLC for your private transportation provider. We look forward to servicing your school.

Campaign Kit…

Personal Representative

You’re not in this alone! We want to get your school onboard just as much as you don’t want the hassle of sitting in traffic and carpool lanes any longer. To arrange to have a Coastal Bus Line representative come to your school, next board meeting, upcoming PTA meeting or an open house, just tell us when and where we need to be — and we’ll be there! We have materials and presentations ready to go and will show up in a school bus, so folks can experience firsthand the quality of our services.

School & Parent Letters

We have several draft letters currently available. You can view and download these at right for further customization, or you can give us a call for assistance. Of course, you can write your own communications as well. After all, you know your school and parent populations best!

Mailers & Handouts

If you want to reach parents with something a bit more “flashy,” we have several postcard designs currently available and can create custom flyers as well. Check them out at right, then give us a call to customize and order.

HTML Announcements

Looking to really grab parents’ attention? Let us design a custom HTML announcement and send it your parent population. The announcement will include school bus safety information, local statistics, important links, and other pertinent information. And it will arrive in parents’ inbox on the date and time you designate!

 Enrollment Web Portal

Once you have generated some interest at your school, we’ll set up your school’s enrollment web portal. This custom portal will include your school logo, pricing, payment and route information, as well as a link to our enrollment page.